About Our Students World Chat Rooms

Welcome to Geek Community where millions of students meet and chat with other students. The growing student online platform that brings both employer and students on one platform making communication and connection more straightforward and talent readily available to showcase. Our motto is to promote and deliver your voice/message and creativity at every doorstep 24/7. We aim to be the world’s most significant student online community around the globe.

What is on your mind? A Job, latest trend, education, lifestyle, entertainment, debates, current affair, creativity or motivation, inspiration or simply some academic tips and help?

Geek community is embedded with:

  • Students world chat rooms to communicate with other students and potential employers.
  • A forum to start, discuss or contribute to a relevant topic of interest from other students.
  • A functionality: that enables a student to upload their old books and materials for sale with the money going straight into their account.
  • A functionality: to display your CV, project, group work, etc..
  • A functionality: that enables displaying or acceptation a job for pay.
  • A Job functionality for freelancers, Internship.
  • A functionality: that enables the advertisement of events, skills, and products.

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