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    How to use job portals for recruitment?

    Online job portals or job boards are platforms where employers can easily advertise a job free of cost and search for different resumes as per your requirements. They are an important part of almost every hiring process and using them effectively will turn-in qualified candidates for relatively low expenses. Therefore, by using Geek Community you can easily publicise the best jobs for students which help them to gain experience in the relevant fields. The Geek Community is one of the best job portals in UK that can guide the candidates to find the right jobs according to their education. Many companies looking for free job posting on this site can take advantage of the free job advertising UK to find the right employees.

    Below are some tips to ensure that you get the most out of our online job portal for recruitment:

    Choose the right job portal for your business.
    Recruitment process and its cost is not limited and companies need to be able to spend their assets where they can obtain the best advantage in return. Find distinct jobs at Geek Community that brings you the most experienced applicants, as financing on such candidates will bring you a high return on investment.

    Reach the best free job posting platform.
    • Try popular job boards. Big, mainstream job boards are bound to attract many experienced candidates. Advertise on Geek Community to find experienced candidates.
    • Find niche job boards. Niche job boards are specialised in one industry or business function. If you’re regularly hiring salespeople, job boards like Geek Community will help you advertise your job postings. Correspondingly, posting on local job boards, like Geek community can help you to reach candidates who are suitable for your business. However, experiment with various fields/ jobs posted on geek community and obtain as much benefit as you can.

    Craft effective job descriptions.
    Your job description is your first contact for a job seeker. To invite job seekers to apply, create job ads that are educational and engaging yet clear for the candidates to understand.

    Follow these tips to get maximum benefit from Geek Community.

    • Use clear job designations. Evade jargon and words like “ninja” or “rock star.” For example, Job seekers will likely search for “sales associate” rather than “sales ninja.” This means that applicants will find your job ads only if job titles accurately reflect each role.
    • Provide important information. Applicants need to know where the job is placed, what the primary duties of the role are and what skills you’re looking for. Including this information in the job advertisement will encourage qualified candidates to apply and helps you minimise applications from unqualified candidates. If you need help getting started with mapping out job tasks and requirements, check out our categories on the job portal.
    • Let applicants know what your company does and elucidate why someone would want to work with you. If you provide more than the standard benefits and bonuses, mention them in your job advertisement.

    Explain the employment company

    The job boards like Geek Community can provide you the best option of creating a personalised company page on their platform. In this way you can present your company’s mission and culture and show the job seeker that your job ads are worth applying to.

    Built resumes database on job portals
    Many job platforms ask candidates to upload their resumes into their searchable database. Professional job portals like Geek Community stores thousands of resumes that employers can search through using specific search bar to find people who can readily match their standards.

    How to find suitable candidates?

    • Do research on resume databases. There’s a large number of resume databases available. Start by looking into the most famous job boards that are more likely to attract experienced candidates. For example, the best job portals in UK have subscription plans that combine job posting and access to their massive resume database. Additionally, free job advertising UK provides a variety of online jobs for students for their requirements.
      • Determine your search criteria. To cut down your search, you must be clear about what you’re looking for. Location is usually an important part unless you’re hiring for remote jobs. Take an idea from your job descriptions to set other criteria like specific skills, education and experience.
      • Do specific job/candidate search. Many resume database support specific search so you can find your search better and find candidates more easily. Create a few search strings to start with and improve them based on the quality of your results.

    To make the most of job portals for recruiting, ensure that you don’t just post and wait. Find multiple jobs on Geek community that works the best for you and ensure candidates have easy access to information about the vacancy and your company. Use your job posting as a means to increase your employer branding efforts and maximise the number of experienced candidates you reach. Any company who is looking for a way to advertise a job for free can now post their jobs and start to receive resumes from people who meet their requirement.